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Recurv is driven by passion. We help companies achieve full digital transformation by matching their needs with the right digital expertise. Together we create direct impact on our client’s online processes.
Our applicants can choose between a permanent position or a temporary contract at recurv. A highly personal approach ensures the best match between our digital experts and clients.

recurv’s mission

Our business is driven by a strong desire to making a lasting impact on companies in their digital transformation. This goes hand-in-hand with developing our experts’ career paths and developing their skills. Our goal is to be a loyal long-term partner with a focus on, and a passion for, the digital market.

How do we help companies?

Our online experts help you face the challenges of your digital transformation process. Together we explore your needs and find the perfect match to ensure that our expert creates real impact.

How do we help talents?

Working at recurv is your opening into the growing digital job market. We provide permanent jobs or temporary consultancy projects.

Team members

Who are we? We are a close team of 5 men and 2 indomitable women. The combination of our unique personalities creates a great working atmosphere. Our motto? Work hard, laugh harder!

Great things in business are never
done by one person. They’re done
by a team of people.